Monday, September 11, 2006

Steve Irwin

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When I heard the news that Steve Irwin passed on, I felt sad. A friend happened to call that night and one of the things we talked over the phone about was Steve's untimely death. We were both in shocked. The thing is, we don't really know who this guy is except that he chases crocodiles and does some absolutely insane stuff on tv. But one thing we knew is he's lovable and a great family man. Somehow at some point, we connected to that part of him... through tv. That itself is interesting... So, we were talking... my friend said that its sad that we can 'go' anytime. So I told him he should stop smoking and drinking otherwise he might just 'go' while doing that... with his reply followed by some light cursing and swearing... The sad part is leaving our family behind. Steve has 2 kids... one 8 year old and a 3 year old. We both have kids around that age and it felt painful. Man, I can't even imaging leaving my kids and wife like that. Thinking about how his family will miss him really saddens me. On top of all of this... being a Christian... I wondered if he ever believed in God. What if he didn't.... man that really sucks.... In the news, he has touched many all over the world just being himself. Yesterday Astro showed a Steve Irwin marathon program and I happened to watch the episode they did with his dog, Sui... it was where the dog died. Sui was his best pal. She went with him on many of his croc hunting adventures. She had some terminal sickness and passed on. I think it was the first time I saw Steve vulnerable... he cried when the dog died. He had slept together with Sui to just be with her.. she was really sick... she passed on in her sleep. It shows the more sensitive, emotional and humane part of him which you don't really see in the regular Croc Hunter shows where he's just all excited and running around.

Here's a tribute to him. For the many lives that he has touched thru his work, attitude and love for his family. May he find rest at a better place now. For his family, may God make this time of mourning and loss painless as possible, may they find peace in God's unfailing love; may they carry on with strength knowing Steve has truly indeed left a legacy for his children to follow and uphold. May they look forward with hope and strength for the future that lies ahead of them. May they find God to be their true father and companion in all that they do.

God bless and keep all of you. Amen.

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