Friday, September 22, 2006

It's All About You...

I'm coming back to the heart of worship
It's all about You, it's all about You, Jesus
I'm sorry Lord for the things
I've made it
When it's all about You, it's all about You, Jesus

Listening to Matt Redman's Blessed Be The Name of The Lord album.... awesome stuff. What is worship anyway? The heart of worship... It's all about Jesus.... yeah.... but what? Worship is the expression of our faith, the expression of our love and affection, worship is surrender... worship is saying it's You Jesus, and not me.... it's You Jesus that matters, not what I do or did, not my career, not my ministry, not my talents and abilities, not my family, not money. Worship is saying You own everything and is everything. Worship is saying... do as You will with me. I worship you Jesus. I wanna come back to You because You are the life. You are my life. I praise You Jesus because You are worthy. Because you deserve it. Because You are the Son of the Living God. Because You are the only One who saves. Because it's all about You. It's all about You Jesus.

Will you worship Him too?

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