Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ban of Imported Milk from China

In case you haven't known, our Government has banned imported milk from china... and now it is extended to products containing milk from China as well. Here are some links that will help us "see" clearer what milk actually that's been banned... cos really... we don't know... everything seems to be 'tainted'.... even our water in some 'special training facilities' for school leavers.... ahemm ahehmm... you go figure...

Here it says there's a ban... but does not specify what brands are banned... so.. it's still really clueless....

The Star:
Here again, there's a ban, but only some products are mentioned b'cos our neighbour banned it.

The Sun:
This is better... got some clarity on what brands can be purchased. But still.... we're looking for a list here....

Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) Singapore:
This is better also. There's a list of some banned food and other related bans in other countries.

Kemetrian Kesihatan Malaysia:
Nothing. Does it surprise you? So all the talk about banning this and that in the media.. but they don't publish anything on their web .... like A LIST... hello? When lah?

Pediasure drinking kids:
Prediasure is SAFE for consumption.

Mead Johnson (All Enfa-x, Sustagen, etc):
Safe. And I have a dear friend who works for them here in Malaysia and BETS his life on it! hahaaa.... i put the words right into his mouth....

So... in the end... there really isn't a proper list... just make sure it isn't a product of China... or made in China... y'know....

Let's pray that our children's food really don't get poisoned altogether... cos we really work hard to feed them... and milk is their priority diet.


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