Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lebuh AMJ... whatt???

I live in Melaka. I am in my thirties now... Oh God!!!!... and as time has passed, there are many changes that have happened in Melaka. One of them is the many name changes of our roads. Road names that we knew when we were younger are no longer the same. Some roads however are new roads and therefore they get new names. One of which is this one below.


So what the heck is AMJ? This is the link road passing Tesco and Melaka Sentral. Can anyone enlighten me what does AMJ stand for? I can't figure it out. It's not like LDP - we know its Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong... AMJ??? what?? i can imagine this... if I have a friend from let's say, KL, and he gets lost in Melaka, and he calls me and says "hey. I'm now in Lebuh AMJ and I don't know how to get to Jambatan Hang Tuah". Let me just bet with you that if you ask anyone from the ages of 30 onwards, a large percentage of them might not know what the hell this guy is talking about although they have lived here all their lives. Is he talking about roads in Melaka? For the benefit of all... Jambatan Hang Tuah used to be known as Bailey's Bridge. Now its currently under renovation.

Some of the road names are unheard of. They have sultan and datuks names all over them. I don't see the significance. And I don't know why new Tamans have to end with Indah. You go look around every new taman. 90% of them ends with Indah. Wahh... so beautiful (Indah in BM means beautiful).


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Emrull said...

Lebuh AMJ (Alor Gajah - Melaka Tengah - Jasin), Federal route 5 and 19 is a major highway across Melaka state, Malaysia.

Most Muar and Melaka people refer the highway as Muar-Melaka Highwar.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alor_Gajah_Bypass