Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Dog Formerly known as Diego

Meet Jiego (pronounced "Gee-eh-go"), or sounds like Diego. Or... rather used to be know as Diego.

My neighbor owned this fine Labrador Retriever
but because of work, was unable to care for the dog. So, the only thing to do was to hand him over to someone else to care for. And in came my brother in law. He loves dogs. So, now Diego lives in KL with him and the family. He loves it there. And he has a friend there as well named Jessie... as the name suggests, Jessie is female.... hmmm.... Party! Party! So, there are 2 dogs there in the house.


That's how he lies down. He's very playful and friendly but likes to bark at strangers. If you get near him he'll pounce on you and tries to lick your face.... ughh... disgusting.

Jiego - Why the name change? We wondered too.... so I asked my sister. She said well... because both her sons names begin with "J". Duhh.

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