Friday, March 14, 2008


Faith that we have sometimes just isn't enough. Isn't believing in the One true God enough? Apparently it isn't enough for a lot of Christians. More irritatingly... a lot more than we think. I just 'lost' a friend to church politics yesterday. Some part of it was politics, some was just plain ridiculous. Not really 'lost' as in he leaves his faith... but he leaves the church and ministry feeling really discouraged and 'disillusioned'. He's still strong with God tho' but he'll be leaving town. He thought serving was as easy as just availing ourselves to the ministry. Sometimes it isn't fair that when we give ourselves to the ministry... we aren't appreciated enough to know that we are doing something real important and meaningful. We all know its something to God... but to men... who knows if you don't tell sometimes? Then when its irritating already that you are not appreciated, you are also being used. Used for many things that does not even encompass 'ministry'. Used up to the point of being 'owned'. Suddenly the verse reminds me... ".. it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me and the life which I now live in the flesh, I live by faith through Christ Jesus.." and apparently some fellas kinda take advantage of that and bring it further.... that there's nothing in life more significant than serving the church... nothing else matters... not your thoughts, your passions, your desires, your dislikes, and even your free time. You are not allowed to have "free time" because you belong to the ministry. Imagine that. How irritating is that???

In our pursuit of God... its baffling sometimes that although having the same focus and goals... we lose friends, brothers, sisters, comrades along the way... BECAUSE of the pursuit itself sometimes.... its... sad. I thought I could get to know the guy more... but again... well... this isn't the first time.... now that's even more irritating... not the first time.

God help us all.

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