Friday, March 09, 2007

Washed Out

After 'seven' years, it's now time to write. I feel washed out. Completely. ineffective, useless, unmotivated... you get the picture. Life's challenges and battles wears you down fast and easy. Wish things can be easier and smoother. I wish I can do more and do less at the same time... ?... well, now that's strange. Y'know blogging is a drag.... why did I ever do it anyway... what a whiner I turn out to be.... irritating. Haven't done much with my life since end of last year... or since I last blogged. The New Year wasn't particularly new. Can life get more interesting this year? I wonder. New opportunities? New challenges? New problems? New irritabilities? New skills? New downloads? :) I'm such a pirate...But as with all pirates... we wish for things to be cheaper and easily accessible. That's why pirates exist, don't they?

Over time, I have 'lost' some friends.... as in lost contact, not-contacted, or disconnected.... ?... or just lost. I'm really not a social person, which only means what a lonely person I can become. So, due to turn of events I did lose some and gained some in return. But these turn of events are really an ass and I wish it didn't have to happen. But it did. Boo-hoooo... But I gained some nice and good friends... not many..."lonely... I'm so lonely...I have nobody..." y'know that Akon guy is weird... and really quite perverted.... Smack YOU! Back to friends... aren't they a blessing. So, over time, they come and go... and over time, I also keep remembering friends back from school... all of which I never kept in contact... I wonder why... now I AM such an ass... but I remember them, as if God wanted me to... and lo and behold... I'll just happen to bump into them days later... man it's really weird. It has happened 90% of the time. My wife tells me I must pray for them whenever they pop into my mind... cos I'm gonna meet them in a few days time... weird.... There's this one guy tho' I have been thinking of for the longest time. He was my hockey mate in primary school... he intro'd me to the game and we made it to the school team. Nice chap. I have not bumped into him yet. I wonder why. All thru secondary school we hardly spoke cos we changed classes. He's Indian and he speaks fluent Mandarin... really cool. I'm really waiting to meet him. I will post an update when we finally do!

Ok... I'm done now. No mood already. That's all for my blog today.... I'm gonna continue feeling washed out for now... see you in seven years time! Muahahaha....

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